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        About Us

         Hangzhou Uni-Hosen® Electromechanical Tools Co Ltd., is one of the biggest trading companies of exporting tools and machinery in China. The new offices, packaging workshop and logistic centre are housed in Yuhang town, west of Hangzhou city.

                The company was started in 1996 and has developed steadily ever since, now the business premises are composed of:

                5500 square metre new office complex, including super size show room and sophisticated testing centre, facilitated for test of hardness, torque, tension and spectrochemical analysis. It also hosts the equipment related with power tools dynamometer, voltage endurance, operation durability and air tools' standard testing.

                12000 square metre tool set packaging workshop, with several assembly lines, equipped with big capacity blow moulding, automatic vacuum blister making, skin card and powerful heat sealing machines etc.

                6000 square metre logistic centre, enhancing the accuracy and punctuality of transportation.

                More importantly, Uni-Hosen® consists of specialized professionals and obtain high-level co-operation with great number of tools and machinery manufacturers. Furthermore, we makes constant investments in new products and package with a view to ensure continuous growth. Ever since, our sales network abounds worldwide and we are supplying the market with thousands kinds of products as far as cost and quality concerned.

                Uni-Hosen® always embraces the original philosophy that the customer is No.1, cherishes integrity and honesty as our core value, which helps to earn great reputation in the line. We are keeping working hard to pursue endless progress, welcoming all friends, domestic and abroad, to establish co-operation relations with us.

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